Outdoor Composting Bin – Do it Yourself

Composting is an easy way to turn organic waste into soil and this method also eliminate a lot of kitchen scraps and garbage. Composting is normally done in two ways: indoor composting and outdoor composting and people with garden and backyards can go for outdoor composting. To do composting in the outdoor, outdoor compost bin is very much required and there are many cheap methods to make a compost bin. The first important thing to consider is to find a suitable place to place the compost bin in the yard and it is highly recommended that compost bin should be placed close to the garden.

The required materials to make the compost bin are welded wire fencing, ties or nylon string, branches, twigs, organic waste such as food scraps, weeds, fresh grass clippings, dried leaves, shredded paper, and coffee grounds. The wire fencing should be made with at least 36 inches height and the edges of it should be carefully cut and filed to bend down sharp ends, and even the sharp ends can be duct taped. Then, the fence should be wrapped to form a cylinder and kept in the place, which is After this, a layer of twigs and leaves should be arranged at the bottom of the bin so that the air movement is not blocked in the bin.

Then, another layer of about 6 inches saw dust, dried leaves, or shredded paper should be laid and above this layer, another layer of organic waste should be placed. After the organic waste layer, a layer of shredded paper or dried leaves should be laid and one should always remember that the kitchen waste should be completely buried under the dried leaves. This layering should be done until the compost bin is fully stuffed with this item and always while adding these materials, proper air flow should be taken care of by fluffing. If the materials added looks very dry, then few amount of water can be added to make it damp, and extra care should be taken to avoid making the material soggy.

The composting time can be speed up by turning the pile upside down and this can also be repeated. The composting can be completed in a year by turning the bin once in spring and once in fall. The compost becomes ready to harvest when it becomes rich, brown color soil and harvesting can be done by just removing the fence. The fence can be once again arranged to do composting another time.