A Garden Year Round: Container Rose Gardening

For people who do not live in a house that has a backyard, it is still possible to build a rose garden that lives in the house. Container rose gardening is a great option for those who live in condominiums or apartment complexes that have good sunlight at least in one window of the house for a large portion of the day. Roses love sunlight, so in order to have a container rose gardens, high sunlight is incredibly important.

Easy as One, Two, Three

The first tip for container rose gardening, even white rose gardening, is to plant the roses the early fall. This system can work for the winter months as well for roses that do not do as well in the colder weather. As stated earlier, the containers must be placed in a well lit area, such as by a window with direct sunlight, or on a deck or patio. However, unlike roses that are planted outside, container rose gardens must have some relief from the sun since the containers heat up much more quickly than the ground would outside, and can cause damage to the roses if there is not some relief in the afternoons.

The types of containers that are used are very important as well in container rose gardening, since they have to hold all of the food and water that the roses need. If the container is not big enough for the plant to grow over the course of the winter months then the plant could grow sick and have to be replanted. Roses love water, so the container in rose gardening must allow for the drainage of water, since roses have to be kept moist, needed water more than most plants.

Container rose gardening also needs good soil that is specific for potting rather than regular gardening outdoors. This type of soil will provide the drainage needed in the pot and will not get compacted and hard the longer the time that the rose is in it. Many potting soils will contain fertilizers, which helps with plant growth. However, some do not, so it is good to know which kind was used so that more fertilizer can be added as the season goes on. That way the roses will stay happy. As far as aesthetic appeal, adding other plants in with the container rose gardens to help balance the look of the pot and create a piece of art through flowers.