The Best Container Gardening Tip: Make Your Own Compost

When it comes to container gardening, just as with any other type of gardening, you are going to need fertilizer, compost, or some other sort of product that is going to provide the soil and your plants with the nutrition that they need to strive. One of the best container gardening tip ideas is to make your own compost and use this on your plants.

So whether you are container flower gardening or container vegetable gardening, this container gardening tip is one that you are really going to want to take advantage of and try out for yourself. This is how you do it.

How to Make Compost

This container gardening tip involves making your own compost. This is a very easy container gardening tip, and by making your own compost, not only will you be helping your plants grow as healthy as possible, but as well you will be doing a good thing for the environment because you will be recycling.

To start this container gardening tip, you are going to need to get a container of some sort. You can even use some kind of recycled container or a container that is meant for another purpose, such as holding degrading waste matter. Find a large enough container that you will not have your compost spilling over.

Once you have you compost bin ready to go, you can start putting compost in it. This can include anything from urine to raw vegetable peelings from your kitchen. To start your pile, put alternate layers of browns, which are carbon-rich materials, and greens, which are nitrogen-rich materials, into your compost bin.

Remember, maintaining a fifty-fifty ratio of browns to greens is going to be ideal here. You do not want to put any fats, meats, oils or dairy products into your compost, because these will end up rotting and will not only smell terribly bad, but which actually possibly cause damage to the plants as well.

As you can see, this container gardening tip is very simple, and will ensure that you have the most possible success with your container gardening. Just keep in mind that there are lots of other tips out there as well that you can use to your advantage.

Buy some gardening books, read some gardening magazines, and do whatever else you can to make yourself more educated on this matter. If you really want to have success with your gardening you will want to take it seriously and educate yourself as much as possible.