What is Container Gardening?

There are a few different types of gardening that a person can learn, and one of the most popular of all is the container gardening. Container gardening is basically just what it sounds like – it is a type of gardening where the use of containers or pots are used to grow the plants, instead of having them planted in the ground.

There are many benefits offered by container gardening that you should be aware of, such as the fact that you can grow all your plants indoors and not have to worry about getting outside in the cold weather and having to put up with getting dirty.

Anyone can participate in container gardening and really enjoy it, no matter how busy they are and how little gardening experience they may have. To get started container gardening, there is a bit of information that a person should be aware of, and which will be discussed here in more detail.

Whether you want to come up with a great container gardening idea or just understand how you can get started with this type of gardening, you will find the following information very helpful.

Choosing Plants

One of the first and most enjoyable steps of container gardening will be choosing the plants. Annuals are a good idea to grow, and this includes Periwinkle, Salvia, Thunbergia, Zinnias, Lobelia, Marigolds, Impatiens, Latana, Coleus, and Alyssum, just to name a few.


You are going to need to make sure that all of your container plants are going to receive an adequate amount of sunlight. This is crucial if you want them to survive and grow to be happy, healthy plants. Your container garden is going to need at least five hours of direct sunlight a day, and remember that it will need sunlight not only over the summer season but throughout all other seasons as well.

As a general rule, leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce can be used in a container garden as well, but they can tolerate the most shade.


Of course another essential aspect to container gardening is watering. Certain plants are going to need to be watered more often than others, so do your research and learn more about the different plants that you are growing in your container garden. This way you will know how to treat each one and ensure that they strive.

You can have a lot of luck with your container garden as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort that is going to be required of you here.