Home Gardening Tips For Maintaining Garden Tools

Gardening tools are essential for a successful garden, be it a vegetable garden or a flower garden or any other type of home garden. The maintenance of these home gardening tools is, therefore, necessary and essential to a beautiful and bountiful garden. A home gardening tip or two for keeping your tools in great shape can be of great help.

Home Gardening Tips For Preventing Rust

Since most effective home gardening tools are usually made of metal, the risk of these getting rusty is high unless they are made of metal that does not rust. Most home gardening tips for preventing rust in tools are usually based on common sense. One great home gardening tip for preventing rust in gardening tools is to clean your tools after using them. Not only does this home gardening tip aid in preventing rust but it also encourages the gardener to practice a clean way of gardening. Putting away dirty tools can encourage build up of dirt in the tool shed or the tool cabinet as the dirt falls off from the tool.

Another home gardening tip for preventing rust in gardening tools is to wipe the water off the tool after washing it. Leaving the water to dry on the tool can still promote rust especially if you hang the tool in the cool, dark shed or cabinet after washing. Moisture is the number one enemy of most metal gardening tools so try to keep them as dry as possible after using them. Keeping the tools off the ground while they are not in use is also another home gardening tip that can help prevent rust. Leaving the garden tool on the ground or on your home gardening supply such as fertilizer or pesticide can promote rust. Home gardening supply such as fertilizer may contain elements that can accelerate the appearance of rust in garden tools and implements.

Reducing Wear And Tear

A home gardening tip for maintaining your tools and implements is to handle them with reasonable care. Although these tools and implements are usually very sturdy and can withstand a lot of abuse, it is a good idea to take care of them to prolong their lifespan. A very small pruning device used on a large plant will eventually give way when used to cut twigs or branches which are too big for it. Other home gardening tips for reducing the wear and tear of gardening tools and implements are to check the moving parts of the tool for disuse, using them only for their appropriate purpose and being careful with their use.