Ideas For Better Home Gardening

Home gardening comes in many forms. This can be in pots inside the home, in a pocket garden in the home or you might have a bigger area outside where there are several plots to plant whatever you desire. Other forms of home gardening are formal gardens and landscaped gardens. In most cases, the term home gardening applies to flower gardens or herb and vegetable gardens which are located outside the actual house.


One very good home gardening tip is to initially till the soil or area that you intend to plant in to help aerate the soil and get rid of rocks and stones. This also helps to soften the soil sufficiently enough that when the seedling are replanted unto it the can get their roots into the soil deep enough. It is also advised that the tilling of the soil should be done several days before planting anything into the soil. This will help settle the soil for planting.

Another tip for better home gardening is to remember that this is also the best time to put fertilizer for better soil absorption and reducing the intensity of the fertilizer since many plants get burned from direct exposure. Laying down fertilizer on the freshly tilled soil a few days before planting is a feasible idea especially for sensitive plants.

Watering the plants (especially seedlings) is best done with a fine widespread hose head or watering can. In some cases, only the soil is hit by the stream of water to avoid injuring the seedling. Home gardening allows for hands on cultivation and tending of plants. When watering pots, it is best to avoid waterlogged plants since this can cause roots to rot and attract parasites. Some plants do not need as much water as others; make sure you are aware of each of your individual plants’ needs.

Some plants may need humidity trays for better moisture. These plants are usually orchids and bonsais used to tropical climates. Home gardening is made easy with the use of humidity trays since you do not have to regularly mist the plants with a sprayer. Other useful items for home gardening are the bevy of gardening tools including hoes, small shovels, picks, cutters and the like.

Home gardening is a rewarding hobby that can yield safe and healthy produce for you and your family. Using home gardening organic products makes you doubly sure of the safety and health of the produce.