Learn the Secrets: Rose Gardening Made Easy

There are many people who may have been gardening for years and have finally made the choice to start a rose garden. The reason people tend to put off such a garden, even if they have always wanted one, is because they have heard that roses are finicky and tend to die if they are not properly taken care of. However, there are a few easy steps that can make rose gardening easy.

Quick Tips

The first tip in rose gardening made easy is that roses love sunlight. Therefore, when planning where to put the garden, it should be in a place where it gets direct sunlight for the majority of the day. There are a few rose varieties that prefer shade for part of the day, but the majority loves the sun. The only other exception to this is if the climate is extremely hot, then almost all roses will need some reprieve from the sun in the afternoon.

The next tip for rose gardening made easy is that roses like to breathe. Therefore, roses do not like to be planted on top of each other, they like to have adequate room between plants so that air can flow and pass between them. This is true of the plant itself, since it is important to trim off dead and diseased branches as well as thinning out the healthy ones so that airflow is increased to the plant.

Roses also like to have their roots watered, rather than to have water poured over the entire plant, which is tip number three in rose gardening made easy. Roses need careful attention in watering, needed good drainage in the soil so that roots can grow and expand, picking up as much water as possible.

The fourth tip for rose gardening made easy is to match the type of rose bush with the climate that it prefers. In other words, take the climate that the garden will be placed in and find rose bushes that prefer that climate. Rose bushes can be found in almost any climate, so there is little risk of not finding an appropriate strain. In addition, rose bushes are not as fragile as people think, considering the rose bushes were growing just fine in the wild without human help before they were ‘discovered’ and treasured for their beauty.

Finally, there are some roses that need to be taken in during the winter months. If that is the case, then container gardening is a great choice and will beautify the inside of the house or sunroom during those dreary months.