A Taste of Nature: Organic Gardening Supplies

Organic gardening is in a league of its own. Although many of the features of organic gardening are similar to any type of gardening, there are also organic gardening supplies that are the same in name but are different in composition, such as fertilizers and pesticides. There are may different catalogues that sell organic gardening products, from the seed, to the mulch and even organic pesticides. Changing over to organic gardening is not as complex as it might sound, however, it mainly just takes a change in the way of looking at gardening as a whole.

Back to Nature

Organic gardening supplies are all natural so that they have the least amount of detrimental impact on the plants and environment as possible. Pesticides that are commonly used in farming and home gardens contain toxins that not only kill off the good insects with the bad, but can also have side effects for human beings. In addition, fertilizer has also cause issues with the environment as wealth as health concerns, such as e-coli being found on spinach due to the fertilization of the plants.

In order to spare nature and themselves from harm, organic farmers have turned to organic gardening supply companies for help. These companies certify that their products are all natural, organic. Seeds are the most common purchase from organic gardening supply companies. There are all sorts of seeds that can be acquired, such as flowers, vegetables, and even seeds that start cover crops or pastures for livestock on organic farms. There are also herb seeds and starter plants that can be found in some companies.

In addition to seeds, organic gardening supply companies also supply mulch. Although many organic gardeners make their own mulch, it does take up an unsightly place in the yard to start a compost pile. As such, gardeners rely on organic gardening supplies to supplement the mulch, which is much needed to add nutrients to the gardening bed, both in preparation for planting as well as while the seeds are growing. This mulch comes in different types and styles, depending on the need, since mulch can be made out of a variety of material, such as grass, leaves, and even old fruits and vegetables.

There are other supplies needed for organic gardening such as nets to go over new shoots, which do not allow larger insects to get through to damage the plants. In addition, there are organic pesticides for when they are needed, although most organic gardeners try to stay away from any pesticides if possible.